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In this place they will find some histories, the experiences of many of the boys counted by themselves.




My name is Carlos, I have 22 years old. I was born in Ancash, since 7 years old I leave my home because my father hurt my mother, and they  could  not  maintain  me ,  we  didn’t have money. I traveled to Lima and I was in the Hogar  de  Cristo until  11 years old, one day I leave  it  and  nevermore  I  returned ,  I began to live in the street. I worked polishing shoes and joining cardboards to be sold them to the factories. I was living in the street until 15 years old, I didn't like to be there  but  I  needed  to  work.  One  day  a  friend  told   me   about Generación  and we were to see and know more about it. I liked and I stay it until now. Generación offered me the whole support to leave ahead. I  began  to  work  there ,  cleaning  the  house   and  making surveillance at nights.  At  17  years  old  with  the  support  given  by Generación I  entered in the program “Little Gardeners of my City", I  worked  there  during  3  years and I decided leave it for a new job alternative. Thanks to the school  that  has Generación I could finish my studies. I elaborated a small resume and  with  it I start to seek for work. Thanks to a friend that  was  vigilant ,  I  entered  to  work  on Saturdays and Sundays taking care of blocks. I liked it so much, so I decided  to   become  independent. I   created  my  own  surveillance company called Lions Surveillance Service.

I interviewed with a lot of people to be accepted to work as a vigilant, now with a lot  of  effort  I  have  5  blocks  to  take  care , So I hired friends who take care with me. Every month I  gather  the  money of all the blocks and then I pay to my partners. If  the uniforms become old I buy new uniforms. I would like to grow more my company, and then to have enough money to buy a  place  and  my  house. For the time the money that I win,  one part I saving and the other one send it to my mother, so  that  my  siblings  can study. Every certain time I travel to Ancash  to  visit my  mother. Now my father behaves well. I always, when I travel, I give him advices.  I speak to him like a son to a father so that it know about the things, and how he understand and treat my siblings and my mother. He has changed a lot.

To  the  boys  that  continue  in  the  streets ,  I  would tell them that consuming drugs won't triumph in the  life ,  they  should  study  and work a lot to leave ahead. Thanks to  God  I  never  consumed drugs but I saw many friends made it, I advised them a lot, some accepted it and others not. Now also  support  to  some  friends  that  are  trying leave drugs, and I give them all my support.



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