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My  name  is  Johanna  i  have  12  years old, I am living in Generación since 12 years old. I  escaped  of  my   house   because   I    did   not   tolerated   my   mother's   husband ,   it  constantly  harassed   me.   I   told   it  to my mother but her instead of listening to me, she believed that I was  lying.  I  went  to   Lima, in the street I was cold, fear, drugs...... ..but I preferred that. One day a friend that I   knew   in   the   street  told  me about Generación and she took me. Thanks to Generation my  life   changed   totally. I  left  the  street ,  the  drugs.  I  had  the opportunity  to  study  and   then   to   work   in   the   program   “Little Gardeners  of  my City", where  I  still  continue  working. I   am  happy  there  because  I  was  saving  money  for  my future. I bought a sandwich  car with  this  money,  and  I  am putting my own business to take care of my son together with my husband.

Now  I  visit constantly to  my mother and I always give him advice so that she doesn't treat to my smaller sisters by the same form as she made it  with me, but I don't keep rancor, she is my mother. Coming soon my husband and I will buy  a  field  to  become independent. I am happy and sad at the same time. Happy because my life changed  totally: I have a work, studies, my son, my husband, a family; and sad because I leave my home that trained me to do the life with love, Generación.

But I will never leave to visit them  and  to  support  many  children that  need to listen the people’s experiences that was there.  To  people  that stil l continues in  the streets, I would tell him that to consume drugs doesn't take to anything, they should think of their future, in themselves, as parents, adults, and that they come to Generación.


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