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It's time to start. They  are  many  ways to  give happiness  to all of  these  children that need you. It's very easy to help, Start Now!!,  the children  of  Generación  will thank you. We elaborated three forms to give help: 

A) Friends of Generación Club. - the  idea  of  this  club  born  with  the  purpose  to  have a support group. 

1. Economic Support. - the  partners;  companies  or  individual  people;  they  will  be able to contribute a voluntary monthly quota. The destination  of the  monetary  contribution  will  be  to have a constant and growing monetary fund to assist emergencies, to carry out projects, workshops, education, food, clothes, etc. 

2. Support in Species. - the interested partners will support with  products or services  of  their companies or themselves, for example: provisions, medicines, clothes, articles for the home, amusement, technology, etc. 

3. Human support. - the partners will collaborate in the  organization  activities like  volunteers and contact managers. Apart from the moral benefit to be helping a good cause, the partners  will receive an informative monthly bulletin about the activities of Generación, in where  they  will  be included among another  things,  the  destination  of  the  monetary  month  fund,  the  activities, projects, relation of members,  publications  in  newspapers, etc.  You  can  be  a  partner  of  this Friends  of  Generación  Club,  supporting  anyone  of these three groups, it can be Economic, in Species or Human.

B) Labor Program. - the primordial objective of the Labor Program, is that the boys consent to remunerated and stable worksources. The companies can hire the services of  the boys that  don't have work, so they can supplement the education that they receive, and at the same time they can save for their future.

C) Organization of Events. - we elaborating fund raising monthly events. To make this events we need sponsorships.  

1). Economic Support: the companies can contribute certain  amount  of  money in  exchange for advertising  in  the  event,  in the  invitation,  poster  or  pamphlet.  Additionally  mention  the sponsors in any other advertising tools that are used to promote the event, as TV, radio, internet, etc.  

2) No Economic Support: the companies  who  want  sponsor  the  event could  offering  their facilities: infrastructure, material, team, etc. In the same way, the  sponsors will  be  placed  in  the advertising of the event.  




Extend this friendly hand to give support to the one that really need it.


If you’re interested to support the children of Generación, call now to (51-1) 422-9292 or by e-mail:


The children are waiting for you


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